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Association News:


A Hearty congratulations to the 2019 essay winners! We will post links to their papers as they become available and make next year's contest details available this winter. 


3rd place: LTC Alex Carter, Why We Struggle to Understand Stakeholders and Why It Matters 

2nd place: Major Robert Behrman, Reserve Component Employment Below the Threshold of Armed Conflict 

1st place: Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems: A Chemical and Biological Warfare Delivery Threat? by Major Claude A. Lambert



Mentorship Program
ASA is facilitating a program that matches younger FA59s and CP60s with more experienced strategists. 
For more details, please browse the handbook  or contact us.
If you are interested in either being a mentee or a mentor, please contact Will Thorne (ASA Mentorship Officer) at: [email protected]com 
Brief Program Information

ASA Mentoring Program Principles:

1. Connect developing FA59s and CP60s with an accomplished individual they would not otherwise meet and can help to develop their critical skills. 
2. The onus for activities generally resides with the mentee.  Mentees should expect to reach out and work around their mentor’s calendar.  Mentors are volunteers with busy lives.  Mentees should be persistent but respect a mentor's most precious resource, time.
3. ASA maintains the limited role of matching mentee and mentor volunteers, providing optional guidance/suggestions with a handbook to help start the relationship but then encourages individual responsibility beyond that point.  ASA serves as a catalyst for new strategist relationships. 
4. Mentees and mentors are all volunteers.
5. Help FA59s and CP60s regardless of ASA membership.
6. Help FA59s and CP60s be better mentors and mentees as requested.

ASA Process:

1. Obtain basic information from mentors (strengths & background) and mentees (areas to develop & background)
2. Match mentor and mentee, ensuring connection is suitable for both
3. Step out of the way



COL Stephanie Ahern's OSG AwardApril 2019:

MG Chris McPadden Director of Strategy, Plans, and Policy, Office of the Army G-3/5/7, awarded the Order of Saint Gabriel to COL Stephanie Ahern, currently serving on the National Security Council staff, at the 2019 Army Worldwide Planner's Conference.  


BG Walker receiving OSG from MG HixAugust 2017:

MG William Hix, Director of Strategy, Plans, and Policy, Office of the Army G-3/5/7, awarded the Order of Saint Gabriel to BG William Walker, acting Commander, District of Columbia National Guard, at the 2017 Army Strategy Combined Forum, 2 August 2017.




May 2016:

MG William Hix, Director of Strategy, Plans and Policy, Office of the Army G-3/5/7, awarded Secretary George P. Shultz with the title Strategist Emeritus.  

Secretary Shultz spent 20 as an educator before entering government service, lending his vision and abilities under numerous administrations.  He served as Secretary of Labor, Secretary of the Treasury, Director of Management and Budget, and most notably as Secretary of State.  His legacy was ensconced through his strategic vision and unwavering dedication throughout the toughest days of the Cold War.