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The Army Strategist Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the study and practice of strategy and the role of the military element of power in achieving national strategic objectives.  

The goals of the Association are:

  • Support the U.S. Army proponent office for Functional Area 59 (FA59: Army Strategist) and Career Program 60 (CP60: Foreign Affairs/Strategic Planning Civilian) by advocating programs and activities in support of each.

  • Preserve and foster a spirit of mentorship and fellowship among military and civilian persons whose past or current duties affiliate them with the strategic arts.

  • Strengthen the community of strategists, enhance the study and practice of strategic art, and provide a forum to recognize excellence and the contributions of those in the community.

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Our Members

The Army Strategist Association is comprised of members from the strategic community as well as our partners in the academic and business sectors.  The Association's strength is in its diversity of membership.  

Our roster includes current and former practitioners, uniformed and civilian, serving in positions from tactical through strategic, from across the world, and representing all Army components; Active, Guard, and Reserve.  

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Army Strategist Association

P.O. Box 15707

Arlington, VA 22215

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Army Strategist Association

P.O. Box 15707

Arlington, VA 22215