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ASA Article Prize

This award is meant to recognize and reward the writing that members of the ASA/FA59/CP60 community have published over the past three years.

Articles on any topic related to historical, contemporary, or theoretical aspects of strategy, national security, the US Army as an institution, and/or the profession of arms are eligible for submission.

The winner will receive $300 and a certificate.

Second place will receive $200 and a certificate.


Eligibility: Any ASA member, FA59, or CP60 may compete. Submissions must have a publication date between January 1, 2022 and June 30, 2024. Authors who have written multiple articles may only nominate one of their publications for this award. Book chapters in multi-author edited collections are also eligible. The maximum length of the submission is 5,000 words.

How to Submit: Email a digital copy of your article/book chapter with the subject line “2024 Article Prize” to no later than June 15, 2024.

The ASA Article Prize supersedes the ASA-AUSA Essay Writing Contest, which was held between 2019-2021. 

Past Winners

ASA Article Prize


1st Place: Andy Forney, "Drone Strikes Forever: The Problems With Over the Horizon Counterterrorism and a Better Way Forward," Modern War Institute, 2022.

2nd Place: Kathryn Hedgecock and Lauren Sukin, "Responding to Uncertainty: The Importance of Covertness in Support for Retaliation to Cyber and Kinetic Attacks," Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2023


1st Place: Daniel Sukman, "Institutional Strategy." from On Strategy: A Primer

2nd Place: Jules Hurst, "Four Paths: How Interstate Competition Ends", The Strategy Bridge

ASA Essay Contest (2019-2021)



1st Place: COL Nathan Jennings, "The Army and Seapower: Reconsidering Maritime Strategy in the 21st Century."

2nd Place: Robert Green, Craig Giorgis, and Stephanie Malfrici, "Strategy in Practice During the American Revolution."

3rd Place: LTC Thomas Pledger,  "On Strategy"


1st Place: LTC Benjamin J. Fernandes, “M1: Revolutionize, Don’t Upgrade”
2nd Place: LTC Marc Vielledent, “Beware of Ostracizing Allies: Trust Initiatives Can Backfire”
3rd place: MAJ John Dzwonczyk, “Using the Military to Win the Narrative: Ancient Lessons for Modern Competition”


1st place: MAJ Claude A. Lambert, “Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems: A Chemical and Biological Warfare Delivery Threat?”

2nd place: MAJ Robert Behrman, “Reserve Component Employment Below the Threshold of Armed Conflict”

3rd place: LTC Alex Carter, “Why We Struggle to Understand Stakeholders and Why It Matters”


1st Place: MAJ Stephan Pikner, “Training the Machines”

2nd Place: LTC Jim Cahill, “Developing Situational Understanding”

3rd Place: MAJ Kyle D. Packard, “Security Force Assistance Brigades

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