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ASA offers a general mentorship program


is developing a writing mentorship program 

ASA Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program matches FA59s and FC60s with experts outside the mentee's network to develop desired skills. If you are interested in joining as a mentee or a mentor, please contact our ASA mentorship team, Will Thorne or Ben Fernandes, at

Check out our Mentorship Handbook

or Mentee Workbook.

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"The ASA mentorship program allowed me to gain firsthand knowledge of the type and scope of the projects I would be engaged with and their potential impact on Army strategy. The program facilitator went through a lot of effort to match with the right mentor. My mentor provided insightful feedback and really went out of his way to help me develop my writing, to hone my ideas, challenge my assumptions, and convey complex ideas with greater clarity. I believe the mentorship really helped develop professionally and intellectually! Perhaps more importantly, it provided an unvarnished view of the day-to-day work-day that an Officer within the 59 career path might experience, which is instrumental to anyone considering this field." 

-CPT Christopher Mallard

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