AUSA-ASA Essay Award Winners

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1st Place: LTC Benjamin J. Fernandes, M1 – Revolutionize, Don’t Upgrade
2nd Place: LTC Marc Vielledent, Beware of Ostracizing Allies: Trust Initiatives Can Backfire
3rd place: MAJ John Dzwonczyk, Using the Military to Win the Narrative: Ancient Lessons for Modern Competition


1st place: MAJ Claude A. Lambert, Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems: A Chemical and Biological Warfare Delivery Threat? 

2nd place: MAJ Robert Behrman, Reserve Component Employment Below the Threshold of Armed Conflict 

3rd place: LTC Alex Carter, Why We Struggle to Understand Stakeholders and Why It Matters 


1st Place: MAJ Stephan Pikner,Training the Machines

2nd Place: LTC Jim Cahill, Developing Situational Understanding

3rd Place: MAJ Kyle D. Packard, Security Force Assistance Brigades

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