Order of Saint Gabriel the Archangel

OSG Nomination Process

Awarding the Order of Saint Gabriel the Archangel (OSG) medallion and personal certificate to an individual recognizes those who have gone above and beyond. Therefore, although there is no limitation on the number of bronze or silver awards presented to an individual or frequency of presenting awards, it is neither expected nor desired that awarding the OSG be made routine, identified automatically with a particular grade or duty assignment, or approved without adequate substantiation.

Recipients of the OSG are selected based on merit and nominations. As such, conferment requires a compelling narrative of the nominee’s contribution and accomplishments to justify an award. The narrative length will not exceed two pages.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold OSG applications must be nominated or seconded by an active member in good standing with the ASA.  For uniformed and civil service members LTC/GS-14 and below, the nominating or seconding individual must be senior in grade to the person nominated; the other must be of equal or greater rank.  All nominations require endorsement by a supervisor in the nominee’s chain of command; Silver and Gold awards require endorsement by the first O-6/GS-15 in the nominee’s chain of command.  Nominations from a General Officer or SES are exempt from the rank and seconding requirements. 

For Bronze and Silver awards, an invoice will be sent to the nominator if the nomination is approved.  There is no fee for the more competitive Gold award.

Bronze nominations should answer at least one of the below questions with specific examples.  Silver nominations should answer at least two of the questions. Awards are considered as they come in purely on individual merits. 

  • How has the nominee substantially advanced U.S. national security by authoring, supporting, or leading the development of strategies or plans to tackle U.S. national security threats?

  • What has the nominee done to mentor other or future FA59s/CP60s?

  • How has the nominee improved the Army’s FA59 or CP60 institutions?

While the description of qualifying attributes, personal performance, and outcome of contributions to an organization will typically provide sufficient rationale for the nomination, the most competitive nominees will have also contributed to the study and practice of strategy or to the Army Strategist Association (ASA) in other ways as well. A scholar and practitioner of strategic planning and policymaking is a foundational criteria. Examples include, but are not limited to:

• Writing for publication on strategic issues and history;
• Volunteer service within the Association;
• Public speaking or outreach on strategic topics

The Gold Award is competitive.  ASA accepts nominations at any time, and selects one awardee per year - normally in the summer.  


The ASA Board of Directors expects nominees to have extraordinary professional accomplishments that go beyond expectations for the nominee's position/rank at the time as well as substantial efforts to support the community of strategists outside their official duties.   The BOD heavily weighs the degree to which an individual mentors others (peers and subordinates) and has performed above the expectations of their rank and position.  In tactical terms, a CPT adequately performing the duties of a battalion commander is more impressive than an LTC performing superbly as a battalion commander.  In strategist terms, a young FA59 major or GS-12 writing portions of the National Security Strategy is more impressive than a colonel or GS-15 doing the same thing.  Members of any rank can earn this competitive award, but the nominees must have a significant track record of professional and volunteer accomplishment.  This award recognizes those who are the best of the best strategists for their rank and experience. 

Approval authority for the OSG medallion and personal certificate lies with the ASA Officers and Board of Directors.  ASA Officers and Board of Directors and Chapter members may nominate an individual for the OSG.  Nominators may pay the membership fee for non-members nominated for an OSG.

Order of Saint Gabriel – Bronze

Description: The bronze medallion of the Order of Saint Gabriel (OSG) the Archangel recognizes ASA members who have advanced the association’s goals and improved U.S. national security by developing strategies or plans related to U.S. national security, improving Army FA59 or CP60 institutions, or mentoring FA59s or CP60s.  The award comes with a bronze medallion and personalized certificate bearing the recipient’s name.

Eligibility Criteria 


To be nominated and to receive the Order of Saint Gabriel - Bronze, the nominee must:

• Have completed, with distinction, at least one FA59 or CP60 assignment.
• Have developed or helped develop strategic plans or policies advancing U.S. interests, developing strategic planners, or improving the FA59/CP60 community  
• Be a member in good standing of the Army Strategist Association at the time of nomination and award approval


Order of Saint Gabriel – Silver

Description: The silver medallion of the Order of Saint Gabriel the Archangel recognizes those individuals with
long-term service to the United States Army strategic plans and policy community or the development of strategic planners.
The award comes with a silver medallion and personalized certificate bearing the recipient’s name.

Eligibility Criteria 


To be nominated and to receive the Order of Saint Gabriel - Silver, the nominee must:

• Meet the eligibility criteria to qualify for awarding of the OSG-Bronze;
• Have performed in a manner above and beyond the average for someone of their rank and experience in a FA59 or CP60 position;  
• Have mentored (includes peer mentorship), supervised, or overseen the activities of Strategists (FA59 or CP60) in the performance of their duties; 
• Have the Department of the Army orders permanently reassigning the nominee to a position with other than strategy duties or have approved retirement orders.


Order of Saint Gabriel – Gold

Description: The Gold Order of Saint Gabriel the Archangel (OSG) honors extraordinary service that only the best of us perform over a career or lifetime, but the rarest among us may achieve sooner.  The award recognizes individuals who are the best of the best in the Army strategic plans and policy community. The board will only approve nominations that demonstrate the nominee’s actions exceed the expectations of their rank/pay grade; there is no rank requirement.  Gold awardees must demonstrate extraordinary service in their official capacity and also in strategist related volunteer activities (mentoring, publishing, etc.).   ASA will award no more than one Gold OSG per year, which comes with a gold medallion and personalized certificate bearing the recipient’s name. 

The ASA will generally award only one OSG Gold per year.  

Eligibility Criteria


To be nominated and to receive the Order of Saint Gabriel – Gold, the nominee must:

• Produced extraordinary achievements while serving with distinction as a Strategist (FA59 or CP60) for at least five years in positions that developed Army strategic plans or policies;
• Have supervised, overseen, or mentored (may include peer-peer mentoring) the activities of Strategists (FA59 or CP60) in the performance of their duties and responsibilities;
• Demonstrated outstanding official and volunteer achievements in the spirit, dignity, and sense of sacrifice and commitment that distinguishes the individual as one of the best of the best Army Strategists (FA59 or CP60); 
• Demonstrated through either military or non-military efforts, the advancement of Army Strategist Association goals or made significant contributions to the study, teaching, or practice of strategic planning and policymaking;
• Served in varying positions within government, public, and/or private institutions that required a high degree strategic thinking, applied supervision or oversight, applied decision-making; and/or resulted in substantial changes or progression of strategic level research, academic, and/or training through distinguished achievements, service, and/or support to national security or the United States Army
• Advanced the vision and goals of the Army Strategist Association; and
•The recipient must be a member in good standing of the Army Strategist Association at the time of nomination and award approval.

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