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Army Strategist Association

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ASA Writing Programs


ASA encourages its members and the greater community of Army Strategists to research, write, and publish their ideas.  As part of this effort, we offer three annual writing awards.

1. The Cadet Essay Contest: To promote strategic thinking and the strategic art among the next generation of Army Strategists.

2. The ASA Article Prize: To recognize and reward the writing that members of the ASA/FA59/CP60 community have published over the past three years.

3. The Andrew F. Krepinevich Award: For the best book manuscript or doctoral dissertation (revised in preparation for publication) by an ASA member, FA59, or CP60 on topics related to security policy or strategy.


Key dates:

Cadet essay prize submissions are due annually by June 30, 2023

Article prize submissions are due annually by June 15, 2023

Krepinevich Award submissions are due annually by May 15, 2023

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